Monday, March 3, 2008

Sometimes being rowdy can be fun

This is a post that isn't really directly related to motorcycles or riding, but more about someone who has many interests, including riding motorcycles.

I was reading a few posts on a forum at Thumper Talk (dot com) and one of the posts was from a guy in San Diego. He recently bought the WR250X which is the supermoto version of the bike that I want. I noticed that he had a blog so I decided to check it out. After reading his various posts about a myriad of subjects, I decided that he seems like a cool dude. Therefore I am officially recommending that you check it out for yourself and see what a positive mental outlook on life can do for you. If you're interested in reading about a guy who is dealing with a debilitating disease yet is able to ride motorcycles, surf, and do just about anything, not to mention the fact that he's very successful in his career as well. Just move the little cursor with your mouse to HERE and press the left button. I am also going to include a link to his blog on my "links" section. Enjoy.

On a more personal note... I still haven't heard from the friendly folks down at Tacoma Motorsports. I put a deposit down on the WR250R and they said they'd call me as soon as it's in. This was a couple weeks ago now. Here it is March already! I'm beginning to wonder if it'll ever get to the showroom. I'd like to ride it a bit before some of the organized rides are held this spring. Maybe I'll have to do a nationwide search and have it shipped to me???


Rowdy Style said...

I put a deposit on my WRX the VERY day it was first shown on the Yamaha USA website. That was back in November 2007. I think you should be getting your R version soon. You will love it!

Have you seen any of my supermoto videos on youtube?

I have written tons of posts on as well about all the mods I have done. Gotta do something while I recover. Right?

Thanks for the positivie review. I appreciate the support!!! Guess I have a new friend and a new blog to read. =)

Scott said...

Thanks Rowdy! I'm glad to add you to the list of my blog readers. Now that puts the list up to...... ONE! Woo Hoo! Right now the blog is fairly dormant but as soon as I get the 250R I'll actually have some info to put on here. Hopefully soon!

Thanks again Rowdy!