Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Big Time"

ok, so it's only a relatively unknown motorcycle magazine that you probably wouldn't find at any magazine rack at your local book store, but it's a start.

If you have been reading my stories on here then you might remember my experience at the 2008 Sparkplug Enduro. Well, I submitted that story to a few motorcycle rags to see if anyone would be interested in a story about a newbie attempting to ride an organized Enduro event. I got a couple replies but the only one who actually was interested in publishing my story was Trailrider Magazine. It's in the July 2008 issue. It's been editied down a bit and I think it did take away from some of the humor I attempted but overall it is intact and I'm proud to have it in there. I realize it's a small feat but it's the first time I've ever even submitted anything so to have it actually in print form I think is kinda cool.

Thanks to MACE and Trailrider Magazine!