Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Big Time"

ok, so it's only a relatively unknown motorcycle magazine that you probably wouldn't find at any magazine rack at your local book store, but it's a start.

If you have been reading my stories on here then you might remember my experience at the 2008 Sparkplug Enduro. Well, I submitted that story to a few motorcycle rags to see if anyone would be interested in a story about a newbie attempting to ride an organized Enduro event. I got a couple replies but the only one who actually was interested in publishing my story was Trailrider Magazine. It's in the July 2008 issue. It's been editied down a bit and I think it did take away from some of the humor I attempted but overall it is intact and I'm proud to have it in there. I realize it's a small feat but it's the first time I've ever even submitted anything so to have it actually in print form I think is kinda cool.

Thanks to MACE and Trailrider Magazine!


Rowdy Style said...

Excellent!!! Way to go!! I need to send you the pic of a guy riding one at an MX track!!


Scott said...

Thanks Rowdy. I'd love to see that photo.

Anonymous said...

That MACE guy edits with his mittens on. (Cue video of guy trying to work mouse with mittens on...)

I might like to use your "back home in Enumclaw" story this winter if you're interested. I need to let some time pass since the story I got from Terry Bibby in last issue is sort of a similar theme. Winter time when the events are few is a good time for nostalgic taies.

Hope the career stuff straightens out soon.

Scott said...

Feel free to use my stories if you like. I only ask that you try to keep them mostly intact if you can. Thanks!