Thursday, December 4, 2008

Down on the river.

I went on a half-day ride up at Tahuya yesterday with "Joe the neighbor". We left my place around 8am and were on the trails by 9. Joe was on his Honda TRX quad and I, of course, was on my WR. I was initially concerned that the two different types of machines would'nt really be compatible in terms of speed and capabilities, etc... but after a while it became evident that it worked out just fine. The WR wasn't really suited for the big 'ol mud bog but I was able to skirt around the edges and keep from getting sucked into the deep goop. Joe's quad basically blasted right through all the guck due to the large balloon tires. Once we finished with that mess, we headed back to the truck for a quick water break.
Joe at the bog

Down by the river

We headed back out and this time I took us over by where I found Lola last April. We ended up exploring a bunch of new trails (to us) and our exploration took us to the river. We took a few photos and then headed back out on the trails. We found a large, muddy area with some deep "whoops". It was actually quite fun to traverse this section and I grabbed a few photos of Joe doing so.

Joe riding the whoops

We got back to the truck, loaded up and headed home.

It was a nice day to ride, but then again, most any day is a good day to ride.