Saturday, May 31, 2008

Always use protection!

I've always leaned more toward the daring and risky endeavours such as riding dirt bikes, flying ultralight aircraft, and walking through "5 points" near Birmingham, Alabama at night on a layover. It's usually a calculated risk though and not the "throw all caution to the wind" kind of deal. I also like to have some form of protection whether it's a helmet to keep my melon intact or a parachute to keep the "splat" sounds to a minimum.

So because Yamaha "cheaped out" and didn't put a skidplate on the WR from the factory, I thought in order to prevent smashing the crankcase on a rock or tree root, I'd install an aftermarket plate.

I read a few forum posts and looked at a few photos of the limited selection of skidplates to choose from and I settled on the one from It is reasonably priced and looks like it'll do the job well.

It was an extremely easy install. Anyone with the ability to locate and use an 8mm and a 10mm wrench could do the job.

The before & after photos of the install (and my dirty bike) are below.


Anonymous said...

Gotta say, that skid plate has a cheap look to it (no offense). Did you consider others. Is that the "Utah Sport" skid plate?

Editor said...

Overall, nice mods on your bike. I have to agree that the "look" of the skid plate isn't the best, but if it does the job, what the hay. How about a very useful and tastefully designed rear rack?? Check my blog, it's a genuine part.

Scott said...

The plate may not look as cool as some of the higher-end options but it looks well made and is nice and light. It provides the protection I was looking for so I'm happy with it. It is not a "Utah sport" plate... it is only available on Thanks for the comments!