Friday, February 1, 2008

A $10 head deserves a $10 helmet.

Since I was unable to ride home the other day on my new Yamaha, I decided I'd possibly pick up some needed equipment for riding. I braved the weather and traffic and ventured over to the other side... of the Narrows Bridge. My destination was Cycle Gear, and as I sauntered in I was determined to not just buy something for the sake of buying something. After a bit of browsing I found myself in front of the helmet racks. I tried on a few and I settled on the one that felt the best. I know from wearing aviation headsets that if there are any pressure points when you try it on, they'll be very painful after wearing it for a while. I found this one (pictured above) and I liked the way it looked and felt. I even got it on a clearance price of $60!! I actually felt that the retail price was reasonable but I'm always happy to save $40. Either way it was a great deal considering I only have a $10 head.

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