Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Normally I hate Chicago...

...but this evening as we were sitting in the O'Hare "penalty box" waiting for our gate to open up, I turned my phone on and noticed I had a voice mail waiting. So while I was monitoring the radios waiting to hear our gate open up, I checked to see what the message was. Lo and behold, it was Erik from Tacoma Motorsports just letting me know that my bike is in and I can come down to take 'er home anytime!! I was kind of shocked considering it'd been quite a while ago they were telling me "any day now". Well, any day has arrived and I can't wait to get home and ride the thing.

Pictures and more words to follow...

Ride on!


Rowdy Style said...


You will love it!! I rode mine at the track for the first time yesterday. Pics will be up soon!!

A great handling motorcycle!! Especially the supermoto version.

You will want to adjust the suspension though, I gaurentee it!


Scott said...

I got it yesterday! I'm planning on taking it out tomorrow for a good first ride. I'll get some photos posted soon.
Glad to hear your ride at the track was fun! Send me an email if you get a chance to trailmoto@gmail.com