Friday, March 14, 2008

Blue, Red & Green

March 12th was a good day! I woke up that morning in the "Tilton Hilton" at the Denver Airport and made my way out to gate B47 where a 757 was sitting there waiting to take me home to Seattle. After arriving in Seattle I made my way south on I-5 until I connected to westbound Hwy 16. A few minutes later I found myself at Tacoma Motorsports and staring at the bike I've been waiting since September for. After some paperwork and whatnot, I was the proud owner of a new, blue 2008 Yamaha WR250R! I was driving my little Mazda so I had to zip home to get the ol' pickup in order to bring the bike home.

When I got home my parents were there after just buying their brand new red Toyota Prius, which in a way is also "green"... (pictures soon). I hung out with them a bit and checked out their new car but then had to be on my way if I was to get back to the bike shop before closing. I cruised over the bridge again and loaded up the new toy. Erik, the sales dude helped me out with loading and also gave me a set of tiedowns as well.

After getting the bike home I unloaded it and proceeded to tear up the property a bit just to see how it handled. It wasn't much in terms of riding but it was a total blast and I can't wait to get out on some real trails and enjoy the new adventures that await!


Rowdy Style said...

You must be riding, no posts for days.... hahahah.

What do you think??

Scott said...

Actually... I've been flying people around the country all week so I haven't had chance to even LOOK at my bike! I only have today and tomorrow off so I'm not sure how much I'll get to ride before I have to go back to work again. I am going to make an effort to get out and ride tomorrow!