Friday, July 3, 2009

The Long and Winding Road.

Lately I've been slacking in my "blogging" duties. I've ridden no less than 4 rides since my last entry and I just haven't been able to get off, (or is it 'on'?) my butt and get it done. So I've decided that this may not be as thorough as I might like, but I'm going to get the blog up to date with my latest rides.

Ride #1: aka: "The Marty Iron Butt" or "The Marathon Marty 185".

This ride took place at the end of May and I'm a little fuzzy on many of the details but one thing I can remember is that it was a LONG ride. We spent most of the 185 miles on pavement. It wasn't planned that way, it just happened to end up that way. There was still snow on the FS roads that wouldn't let us get over the pass so we had to alter our plans.

Marty rallying the troops.
Unloading and getting ready to go.

We started in Bonney Lake and ultimately ended up in Packwood for lunch. We took the Skate Creek Rd from the Ashton area over to Packwood. It was an enjoyable ride with some nice scenery. After fueling up both the bikes and our bodies, we headed back over the Skate Creek Rd and made our way finally back to Bonney Lake. I could tell everyone was getting a case of the "monkey-ass" toward the end of the ride because at one point, every rider was riding standing up at the same time to get the blood flowing again.

Overall it was a fun ride. Good people and good weather made for a great day.

Chuck's passenger screamed almost the entire trip.

One of our rest stops.

The snow field that forced us to turn around.

On the Skate Creek Rd.

A few stats:
Miles ridden: 185
Riders: 8
Alcohol consumed (by me): 2 beers (after the ride.)

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