Friday, July 3, 2009

The Green Dots... revisited.

The day after I rode with Chuck in Cle Elum, I headed back over to Vantage to meet my Father-in-law for another ride on the Green Dot trails. Dick doesn't have a motorcycle anymore but he has his Yamaha Grizzly Quad that is all set up for hunting and he wanted to try out his new aggressive tires.

We met in Ellensburg at the hotel he was staying at and after a quick breakfast, we left for the trails.

After unloading, we headed out to explore the dusty trails. We had both ridden there before so we had some idea of where we wanted to go.

Basically, we tooled around on all the roads and trails that took us up and down various ridges and valleys. There were many rocks, (just like last time), and I found that if I went slow, it was really rough. As I sped up, it got smoother. I got tired of being bounced around so I picked it up a bit and essentially floated on top of the rocks as I flew by. The only problem with this is the consequences of falling. Fortunately I managed to stay upright but don't think I wasn't concerned with the possible outcome of a crash.

Desert flowers.

Getting ready to hit the trails.

A casualty of the desert... and a few vandals as well.

The Grizzly.

You can see Dick off in the distance. I left him behind when I decided to speed up over the rocks.

A cool shot.

Another good photo.

Dick chose not to wear his helmet.

The desert is an interesting place.

It was a good ride but I'm not all that excited about the Green Dots anymore. They just don't hold my attention like the mountain trails.
Miles: about 70
Riders: 2
Alcohol consumed: 3 beers

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