Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2012 Nevada/Oregon Desert Adventure (Prep)

I've neglected to update this blog with tales of my riding adventures over the last couple years and instead of trying to remember them and share them here, I'm going to just move forward and assume that no-one will really notice.

That being said, I have decided to update this blog with a story about the pending adventure that myself and a few friends are about to embark upon.  Last year about this time two of our favorite characters (Dan and Chuck) traveled to northeastern Nevada to experience a week long riding adventure.  They were accompanied by Mike and the three of them had a great time.  I was unable to attend due to work obligations and have regretted not calling in sick ever since I read Mike's ride report about their fun.  They enjoyed their ride so much that they decided to make it an annual event.

So this year I made an concerted effort to get time off from work in order to participate in the 2012 Nevada Desert Adventure, and my efforts paid off.

Now that I was committed to this ride, I really needed to make some preparations to my little Yamaha in order to have any chance at surviving multiple days in the desert with very little access to fuel, food, etc...  So last month I ordered a few items like luggage and side racks to allow my bike to carry the necessary items I'll need.  I've spent parts of the last few weeks getting things ready to go and I believe I'm just about ready to go.

We leave in 2 days...  more later.

"The Bruise" all loaded up

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