Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More is better.

When my Dad retired from United Airlines in 2002, he decided to buy a motorcycle, (A Honda VTX1800), to spend some of his retirement riding around the western part of the United States with his brother and a few others.  But in the last couple years, the bike hasn't been ridden much for various reasons.  So recently the decision had been made that he would get a dual sport bike so he could go on rides with my brother and I.

Yesterday, I went down on behalf of my dad to The Brothers Powersports in Bremerton and picked up a used 2008 WR250R just like mine... only not beat to hell.  I dealt with Dan and he was a nice guy who obviously knows how to ride since I noticed a 3rd place plaque from the Sparkplug Enduro sitting on his desk.  You may recall my past experiences in the '08 Sparkplug and the '09 Sparkplug and the closest I came to 3rd place was when I was 10th in line at Starbucks after the event was over.  Also, while I was waiting around for Dan to do his thing, I met Tom, (also a nice guy),  who works in the parts department.  It turns out that he also participated in the '09 Sparkplug on a WR250R.  This is funny because I actually made note of this in my blog entry about that event and had never known who it was.  Now I know who the other insane rider was.  Go back and read the '09 Sparkplug entry and you'll see what I mean.

Dad's new bike!

Tomorrow my brother, my dad and myself are planning a day ride in the Shelton area and I am sure that today will be spent tinkering with dad's new bike to get it set up a little better for him.  We most definitely need to lower it but since we won't get the lowering parts before tomorrow, we'll just have to do what we can with the factory shock adjustment for now.  I know he wants to get rid of the big, goofy looking blinkers so we'll probably pick up some of the aftermarket stuff today and put them on.  We also bought new Pirelli MT21s to put on his new ride in order to give him much better traction in the dirt.

The contrast is interesting.

I'm sure there will be much more to add in the near future... so stay tuned.

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