Monday, April 28, 2008

No more uglies

I finally got rid of the last of the ugly looking lights on my WR. I installed the Zeta handguards that have flashers integrated into the plastic part of the guards. They look great and are MUCH nicer than the old stock flashers. My only issue with the new flashers is I couldn't figure out how to make the running lights work in addition to the flashers. I just have the flasher part working. If I find out a way to make them both work I'll hook it up, otherwise I'll leave it as is.

Here's the latest photo of the WR with the new mods!


Rowdy Style said...

your blinkers had to have came with 3 wires for you to have drl's again up front and turn signals as well.

Scott said...

The Zeta blinkers only came with 2 wires and I've decided to not use the running lights. The blinkers work fine though.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really like your Zeta blinkers and handguards. I've been looking at these online and they seem really spendy. Are the handguards really $80 each and the gaurds another $55 each? I love the look, but $270 seems high. Were you able to find them any cheaper?


Scott said...

I don't remember what I paid but I like them much better than the stock blinkers, etc... that was on there. You can order them by using the link below.