Friday, November 16, 2007

...and the water muddies a bit.

OK... since I last posted I decided to pose a question on the Adventure Rider forums and ask those who ride currently and are in tune with the motorcycle world, what they think I should be looking for in a bike. I figure these nice guys and girls are the ones to ask since they're much more knowledgeable than I am about the latest equipment and bikes. So far I've received quite a few good replies and I'm looking forward to more. I am 99% sure I'm going to start out with a smaller bike like a 250 or maybe a 400 instead of the 650 I had initially planned on. I'd hate to get too big of a bike and end up getting discouraged right off the bat because I wasn't having fun. After all, having fun is what this is all about right? I'd like to look at the Yamaha WR450 and WR250 and see what they are like. I also need to look at the Suzuki DR400 again and compare.
That's it for now. Soon I'll be joining the ranks of the riding community.

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