Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It was on the way...

On my way back from the doctor's office today... where I was getting my FAA flight physical completed, I decided to stop by Hinshaw's, the local motorcycle shop. It was on my way home and I just wanted to do a little browsing... As I entered the showroom I was immediately bombarded by visions of cruisers, ATVs, sport bikes, scooters and motocrossers. While I appreciate all motorcycles, I was focused on finding the bike I've been researching for the last couple weeks. It only took me a few seconds to locate "my" machine. I approached it quickly and was immediately impressed with how totally cool she looked. After the initial infatuation was over, I was then a bit intimidated with how incredibly tall it was. Holy crap, how I am I actually going to get on this thing and ride it with confidence? Since I'm only 5'-8" the Honda XR650L is a big machine for a short guy like me. I have read that there are suspension lowering kits and maybe that will be all I need? I really don't know. I still am sold on it's looks and the fact that it's a Honda (I rode Hondas since I was a kid) but I'm thinking I should ride a few different machines to see what feels the best. I guess we'll see.

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